Timothy Hannam is a time-served Foundryman & Metal Polisher and has built a fine reputation over the last two decades. Living and working in the heart of rural Norfolk. He has traditionally worked for other Foundries and Restorers, finishing their castings. Ten years ago, he taught himself the art of Lost Wax Casting and now casts for Artists, Museums, Television companies and various Trusts/Council projects. Timothy has most recently taken to sculpturing his own work, of course, expertly finishing his own pieces. At this time, Timothy’s work is reflecting a Pagan influence mirrored in a contemporary form.

Bronzecraft is the only Fine Art Foundry in Norfolk to use the Ceramic Shell Method. Timothy feels that this is better for the environment as a typical de-waxing of a mould takes only 2-3 minutes, compared to 2-3 days for the Solid Block Technique. Another major advantage with ceramic shell is that it is gas permeable, thus reducing the need for vents and risers being attached to the wax artwork.